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Our Philosophy

UTA believes that using celebrities to promote products works brilliantly when the two have a natural affinity. UTA knows that this connection should be complimentary to the brand personality. We believe that without that element, neither is working hard enough for each other. A celebrity’s public persona should be enhanced by the brand’s character and vice versa. When this happens both get the benefit of an emotional involvement with the consumer that helps find their way into the consumers' hearts and minds.

Think of Nicole Kidman and Chanel No. 5… Enough said.

What’s the angle?

You would go to your agency or they would come to you with the idea of using a celebrity.
The Agency would pick out talent they liked.
You would get a list of ten celebrities, and hopefully the agency or you would test them to see if the consumer feels they are right for the brand.
You pick the five that work and the agency approaches them.
They say no and you begin again.

We find the perfect celebrity for your brand and they are yours.

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